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Nook STR. Cannot get font size/type/margins right. Any help, please?

So I have a Nook 1st Edition and bought a Nook STR. I transferred the books I had on my Nook 1st Edition to the Nook STR, and the font size and type changed. Upon using the Nook STR's built in controls to change the font, it will either make the font too large or too small, and wont change the font type.

I tried re-converting with Calibre, with no luck. I typically get good results converting from epub to mobi and back again. If I don't do it that way, the settings for font size will not change upon converting.

Can somebody with a Nook STR post their success settings for changing the font type, size, and margins. I'm trying to achieve this setting:

Font size: 18pt
Font Type: Helvetica Neue
Justify Text
No margins
Remove Spacing Between Paragraphs

One other thing. On the Nook STR, the margins are very wide compared to the Nook 1st Edition. On the original Nook, the text could go nearly to the edge of the screen, on the STR, a wide margin is present. Can the margin be reduced or removed??

Thanks for any help.
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