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[I recently bought the Ectaco Jetbook, and I am less than thrilled with it. I was even less thrilled with the company's customer service, or should I say, lack of it. I bought the Jetbook because Ectaco specializes in translators; I wanted to be able to read in Spanish and to be able to look up the translation for words I do not know. So I thought a reader by a company that makes translators would be perfect. I was disappointed. The Jetbook does have a built-in Spanish-English dictionary, but it is insufficient for my needs. Compared to my Franklin Spanish-English electronic dictionary, the Ectaco one built into the Jetbook is insufficient. There are way too many words that are not included in the translator. While the Jetbook can translate several languages, I would much rather have only a Spanish-English translator with a more extensive dictionary. Also, I ordered the Spanish version because the advertisement on the Ectaco sight promised that it would be loaded with Spanish classics. Well it came loaded, but most of the books are classics from other countries, like the United States, that have been translated into Spanish, rather than books originally written by Spanish authors. Also, the dictionaries only work with TXT and FB2, but all of the books came in PDF. I called and e-mailed the company many times to find out why the dictionaries were not working, and then to find out how to convert the books to TXT or FB2, and OMG was that a disaster! The first person who answered the phone was rude. The next seemed to know nothing about the reader, said he would research it and call me back, and never did. And the person I e-mailed over and over was equally uninformed. It took a long time to resolve my problem, which I realize know, could have been resolved easily if the tech support person with whom I spoke had been more informed. Also, for anyone reading foreign language books and using the dictionaries, the way the buttons are placed, it is very easy to accidentally exit the book. I would also like to be able to highlight the word I want more easily and to be able to move from word to word on the page without having to exit out of the dictionary and start over. So overall, I was very disappointed in this product.
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