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Originally Posted by jimh12345 View Post
Yes but if you do that you still can't have your own screensaver images. You just get a K3 that's complaining about the missing ads.
I'm new to Kindle and did not even know an ad supported device existed. When I asked why one Kindle was $114 and another was $139 a store employee told me they were the same but one was older than the other. I'd never heard of this before, but I'd also never really heard of an ad-supported agreement on a piece of hardware. Anyway, I feel a little ripped off now and every time I see the banner or shut off my kindle it only reminds me. I'll probably be contacting Amazon to see if there's a way for me to buy myself out of the ad-supported feature. I don't care if there are good deals - I don't want to see ads for makeup I'll never wear and cars I'll never buy on my kindle. If I could afford those things, I would've spent the extra $75 on a 3G/Wifi kindle. Had I known they were going to put ads on this one, I would've paid the extra $25.

Anyway, after hours of trying to JB this thing, I finally gave up and tried my own approach. I backed up all of my books, reset the kindle to factory settings, connected to my wifi.

Upon registering, once I saw that it was registered I quickly switched down to the wifi settings and turned it off. I then removed the wifi from my settings just to make sure it didn't reconnect on its own. You have to make sure that you shut off the wifi after it registers and before it downloads the screensavers.

You won't be able to connect to wifi after this without those ads downloading, but I don't plan on using my kindle for wifi anyway. Also, I simply moved my back-up folder back onto the kindle and all of my books were back.

I've yet to figure out a way to replace the factory screensaver without Jailbreaking it, but at least this way you can sort your library into Collections and still use the default screensaver instead of the ads. Somebody will more than likely come up with a hack within the next few weeks, so this is just a temporary pacifier for myself.

If you bought the ad-supported version knowing full well that it was cheaper because of the ads, then yeah the ethical thing would be to allow the ads...but, as weird as this may sound, hacking is about saving $ about as much as rape is about sex. It's the same thrill that people driving 10 under while blocking off lanes of traffic get when they make everybody behind them late for work.

If they let me pay the $25 to remove the ads I'll do that, until then I'll be looking at dead authors.

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