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I just want to ask a few question so that I am very sure on what I am doing, since I have tried this and my sister locked her credit card to a malaysian billing address for the Nook Library.

I am intending to on getting a Nook Touch but before that my sister wants to get several ebooks to read on her laptop using the Nook App and later on the Nook Touch. She registered her account and tried to purchase a book with her cc but used the cc Malaysian billing address.

I still have my cc so I will reattempt the process again with a new account. I would like to know the precise procedure for getting this to work and for future syncing with the Nook Touch and other devices with the Nook App.

As far as I can tell I should:

1. Register my B&N account with a US IP.
2. Pay with any CC as long as I use a US address as the billing address (B&N does not check the CC real billing address no matter which country the cc is from).
3. Sync/update the my Library to see the bought ebook but US IP is needed to do this.
4. Register my Nook Touch with a US IP.
5. Update the Touch Library but US IP is not needed to do this.
6. Make sure all ebook purchases is done with US IP.

Am I correct?
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