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Originally Posted by carpetmojo View Post
So what happens when you plug in to d/load books ? It always starts charging.
Yes, it shows all the right messages when the USB lead is plugged in, and I can download books.

Actually, since my OP, the battery is, once again, holding its charge for a time, but the display is faded in some places and with lines in others. It did, however, work perfectly for a time when I first got it a few days ago. Nice clean display etc. I downloaded books to it and read them with no problems. When it started going faulty, the display did what it is doing at the moment and, initially, I thought that because the display had been perfect, there was a dodgy connection and I was getting ready to dismantle it to investigate (I've downloaded the service manual). However, the more I read on this forum about the display, the more I realised it depended on the state of the battery, and when the battery went from charged to empty in a few moments, I figured that the whole problem is caused by the battery.

Current status: Charging complete message but a dodgy display. I have a strong feeling that if it was plugged into a mains charger it would work faultlessly, and I would know with absolute certainty that the battery was at fault.
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