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Originally Posted by hiaig View Post
The apps themselves are installed in the memory area OR in the a2sd specially created partition (EXT2 or EXT3) and NOT onto your FAT32 partition.

So the number of apps you can installed depends on the size of the EXT2 or EXT3 partitions. Please do keep in mind if this partition is too large, the IQ will become unstable.

Regarding the message above, my EXT3 partition on my SD card is large enough. The size of the partition is 335MB and 224MB are still available.

However, with regards to the internal memory, I only have 5MB available on a total of 73.4MB.

Is there any way to increase the size of the internal memory without restarting everything?

Is the internal memory a partition on the internal micro SD card or is it a separate memory inside the device that is only 73.4MB in size?

Right now, even though I still have space on the EXT3 partition, I am no longer able to install applications because the internal memory is almost full.

I used the solution proposed by Troll05 to root my device and install Android Market. Except for the lack of memory space, everything works great.

My SD card has three partitions, a FAT32, an EXT3 and a linux swap partition. The total size of the SD card is 31.3GB.
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