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Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
click the arrow at the end of the toolbar to see the remaining icons. Or press Ctrl+P to run preferences.
I use a MacBook with OS X 10.6.7. Calibre's user interface is VERY non-standard. There is no menu bar at the top above the Calibre window. There is no right arrow at the right side of the Calibre window, no matter how small I make the window. Ctrl+P does nothing. Cmd+P does open preferences, but on other programs on Mac, Cmd+P prints a file. The Mac standard, cmd+comma now works as well.

Calibre does not appear in the Mac doc. Cmd+tab is the Mac default way to switch between programs, but Calibre does not appear in the list of running programs. All other Mac programs show a bar at the top of the page where program commands, including access to preferences, appear.

Calibre is a useful program, but the interface for Macs is really frustrating.
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