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Mac OS X and PPDs/PDFs

Hello all,

Apologies if I sound a bit peevish & terse - I just had my post wiped out (page reloaded unexpectedly - NFI why)

Since Mac OS X is capable of creating PDFs automatically very easily using the "print" dialog, I thought I would have a go at creating a PPD and seeing how well it turned out. It's a bit quirky and not quite perfect, so suggestion/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Ive attached the PPD as hanlin.txt (as I can't upload files with a .ppd extension), as well as a sample of the only ebook I had handy - the first 30 pages of Brust's Serenity novel (HTML printed from Safari).

In my opinion, PDFs are greatly maligned - they do offer a very good reading experience, if formatted correctly for an 6" eink screen. A good example are the Alice PDFs uploaded by Jellby in the "Other books" forum, which looks quite decent. In case you're too lazy to look there, I've also enclosed a PDF of the LaTeX Intro guide to this post, which, I have to admit, looks much better in terms of text & formatting than the Serenity HTML-> PDF version.

I look forward to hearing your input, folks!
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