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Originally Posted by hawhill View Post
I think it was a simple shell script (or similar) that just wrote in regular intervals to the /proc pseudo-file (it's /proc, not /sys, I think) in order to refresh, so it was constantly refreshing. (Think: "while sleep 3; do echo 1 > /proc/.../refresh; done")
Interesting. I suppose that shortens the battery life

I spent a couple of hours skimming the kernel sources (e.g. broadsheet_hal.c), so I'm slowly learning. Any idea if there are C/C++ examples showing the use of those ioctls? I'm intrigued by the various refresh types, flashing vs nonflashing (?), etc. I wonder if the energy consumption scales linearly with the update area size, or if it also depends on the number of black-to-white or white-to-black pixel transitions within that area.

I'm thinking of writing a bike-computer app for my Kindle. I just need to get a reed switch wired to a keyboard key or side button. How hard could it be...
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