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Won't group author/series together

HI Folks

Okay, I've done my due diligence and searched for problems like this; similar, sort of, but not exact match. Also, many problems of this nature are being caused by carelessness in the metadata area.

I've got none of these. I've triple-checked all relevant metadata for typos, extra spaces, anything different between entries, and come up blank.

I have several series and authors (His Dark Materials triogy, by Randolph LaLonde; Projekt Saucer series by W.A. Harbinson; the "Wayfarer" series by Dennis Schmidt) as well as others, that do not list sequentially. No apparent rhyme or reason; one is correctly listed alphabetically by author, but the others are listed below that (and not always together; sometimes a pair, then another below that pair). In short, they're kinda all over the place.

The majority of listings display correctly; it's just these random few that are confusing things. Also, some books that are not part of a series, but are by the same author, are not grouped in with the author (all Richard K. Morgan listed together, except for one lone flier.)

Is there any way to ENFORCE a listing order, to keep series and/or authors grouped together? I'm entirely baffled as to what little detail I may be overlooking, and it's making me nuts. (My Kindle is the same way, the title listings are just abysmal, differing formats all over the place... *not* ready for prime time!)

Thanks in advance!

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