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Originally Posted by DutchBoy View Post
To address the issue of the grey background: I think you definitely need a light source for (indoor) reading, would you agree?
Unquestionably - even more so than for traditional paper books.

A question I have, is, what if I'd store a book (one image per page) in image format (like page scans, be it jpg or png or whatever format the Cybook supports) and store all image files in one directory for the whole book. How will this be shown in the library? Will it result in a browsing nightmare? Would there be a quick way to jump to page (image file) 300 for example?
To answer your second question, unless you store all the images in a single FILE you would find yourself with 300 separate files in your library! Which would be a nightmare to navigate! (Perhaps if you created an html index file with links to each image file... but I think that only works for html text.)

There are two distinct navigation problems: I have around 800 books on my 2 gig SD card (which is about half full) - these are completely impossible to navigate, it would take fifteen minutes to find the right file. Bookeen desperately need to introduce a nested folder navigation structure, and the possibility to search for a given file by title or author.

The second navigation problem is once you've opened a book. You can go to any given page, but unlike Mobireader for example the Cybook does not tell you which page you are currently reading; so it's guesswork (though of course you can bookmark pages).

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