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Nice review. Every potential buyer should first see it!

To address the issue of the grey background: I think you definitely need a light source for (indoor) reading, would you agree?

As for the material you are able to read using the Cybook: I've found out there are e-books, and there are e-books. Hehe... let me explain.

You won't have much problems reading BOOKS. But you'd have problems reading PDF's. I, and many people, refer to PDF's as e-books. Bookeen doesn't make this distinction. It seems the Cybook won't even display the images in PDF documents if the images are too large (too page filling or too large in bytes, I'm not sure). I'd have to find a solution for this kind of "PDF format support". An alternative is to store these pages as images.

A question I have, is, what if I'd store a book (one image per page) in image format (like page scans, be it jpg or png or whatever format the Cybook supports) and store all image files in one directory for the whole book. How will this be shown in the library? Will it result in a browsing nightmare? Would there be a quick way to jump to page (image file) 300 for example?

Note: for the above, I'd prepare PDF files with exact size for the Cybook

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