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Originally Posted by Xqtftqx View Post
To leave it running, (incase i pull the usb plug or something) you can compile 'screen' and run it from the kindle (You can not apt-get screen, it wont work)
Sorry for the noob question, but what is special about "screen" that you can't apt-get it?

On a somewhat unrelated question: I read the comments about X not working because it requires VTs, and this feature isn't enabled in the Kindle kernel. Why can't we just recompile the kernel with VTs enabled? Someone (maybe you) alluded to it being harder to do that than to hack Xorg. Could you explain a bit why this is so?

If we forgo X, will graphical apps built on top of the Linux framebuffer (without X dependencies) still work out of the box? Someone should try netsurf, a web browser which you can build with a framebuffer (no X) backend.

OTOH, apparently the framebuffer doesn't "just work"---otherwise there wouldn't be talk of an fbterm "port" to Kindle. It would just run out of the box. I'd like to understand this more, if anyone cares to educate me
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