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Originally Posted by zacaj View Post
Just got this working, and its awesome. After chrooting a few times, I ran out of loop devices. It seems you need to pass -d to umount any loop mounted devices
umount -d /mnt/debian
You dont need it for sys,proc,etc though.
If you have this problem, you can do
losetup -d /dev/loop/1
for 1-7 to fix the unmounting, without needing to reboot or anything

On mounting the kindle partition (/mnt/us) in debian, I assume you can just do
mount -o bind /mnt/us /mnt/debian/mnt/us
Correct? Im not a real expert with mount, so there might be some problem with that, but its working fine for me so far. If it is correct, it might be good to add it to
Thanks for the "-d" tip!

And yes, you can do that to mount the kindles storage. Im going to add a line next time i update the loader that will mount the kindle on /media so its easy to access

Originally Posted by zacaj View Post
1. yes, you can install luigi's terminal, and then change to debian with just a button combination, and switch back to kindleOS too, leaving each running in the background. It seems to be a bit finicky if you leave debian running something (like apt-get), with not letting you reenter debian while its still running, or something... I havent figured out exactly what though.
2. Yes, works with no changes
To leave it running, (incase i pull the usb plug or something) you can
compile 'screen' and run it from the kindle (You can not apt-get screen, it wont work)
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