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...I've got my PE just about perfect. All Google stuff is installed and working.
bubmutch, which tutorial did you follow to get all the Google stuff working?

Right now I am so confused, I was combining the kennyminot directions on the Development forum with the forum on XDA Developers and I've got Market and gMail installed and seemingly ready to go but when I select either gMail or Market I get this popup:
"process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again."

From a reboot the opening popup is this:

"The application Google Partner Setup (process has stopped unexpectedly.Please try again."

I've searched w/Root Explorer in both other Android devices and can find nothing resembling in system apps or user apps.

I was about ready to uninstall the apps I'd added and just go w/Android Market but when I see how many people have successfully gotten Google going I want to give it another go.