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Evernote - plus Onenote info

The new update to Evernote (3.0.2) now installs and works. After rebooting both the EE and PE I also had the ability to record a voice note.

For those of you who cannot deal with not using your OneNote there is an called MobileNoter - which offers several options.
MobileNoter SE (which I found a little disappointing) allows viewing only of OneNote files stored either on the SD, in Dropbox or in Skydrive. They promise editing soon and creation in the future.
The SE version does not play well with Office 2007, so images don't display.
MobileNoter also has a Cloud or WiFi version that allows editing and syncs with your PC.
This one allows my images to show and I can add an image from the PE or EE. However the voice recorder does not initialize for MobileNoter like it does in Evernote.