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Glad you (mostly) enjoyed it, corvettejoe!

I've been reading on an ereader for almost 2 years now, and what I like about the eDGe is the different ways I can hold it, or put it in an ordinary bookstand, and being able to have a map of the places I'm reading about on the LCD side. That and being able to look up any old thing I wonder about without having to get up or heft my laptop onto the table. My Sony Reader has a better dictionary, but having Google, Wikipedia, and elsewhere in the book immediately available is soooo nice!

Someone (I forget who, sorry!) suggested using a flashlight app on the LCD side as a reading light for the e-ink side. I've tried it and it works quite well! That way you don't have to carry an extra gadget around. If you keep it half closed you can get the light on the page and not in your eyes. Try it! There are several free flashlight apps in the Amazon Appstore.

Page turns are better on the PE than on some (many??) of the other ereaders.