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I just finished reading an entire book on the e-reader this weekend.

The things I didn't like about it were its heavier weight when it's folded in half, and I sometimes kept hitting the tablet's buttons, turning it on and draining the battery. Once I tweaked it's screen time out settings and such, I was able to finish reading my book without needing to recharge it.

that and it's really thick (obviously) vs a normal e-reader only device.

I did think it was kind of cool that I could open both halves up like a book and hold it like a book, it was kind of easy to hold that way.
At one point I was reading late at night laying on my side, I folded the tablet screen back 90* and it held the e-reader up while I read sideways..that was kind of cool.

I do want to grab a little USB LED light so I can read it at night and not keep the wife awake.

So far I really like reading on an e-reader (this is my first experience with one).

I also don't think the time it took to change pages was really a problem at all to me. As much as people complain about it's slow "page turning".. I see what they are talking about, but that didn't bother me at all.