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This is what the help desk told me to do...

MANUAL SOFTWARE UPDATE (just in case your internet connection is intermittent or no connection at all)

1. Download from to your PC

2. Copy file to a USB storage device, do not put it in a folder when it is on one of those devices

3. Shut down the Pocket eDGe and remove SD cards or USB storage devices from the eDGe. If the mini-USB is connected, disconnect the mini-USB connector as well

4. Plug in the USB device that has to the eDGe

5. Press and hold the menu button and the rotate button

6. While still holding the menu button and rotate button, slide the power switch to turn on the Pocket eDGe

7. Release the menu and rotate button 4-5 seconds after hitting the power button

(at this point it falls apart and nothing happens; it goes right back to cycling.)

8. During boot up, the Pocket eDGe should display a splash screen indicating it is installing the update. Wait for the eDGe to finish updating. Once complete, the eDGe will reboot on its own and should start normally

I also tried the 'golden' update from the forums, but the same thing happens.

I really want to use this thing. depressing