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Hello Everyone,
Newbie PE owner here... very excited to have my new PE and to see such a great community on this site, especially since I feel like I'll need some help. I'm having the same Gallery problem borisb mentions, but I can't seem to figure out how to copy and paste a jpg anywhere. I successfully (so I thought anyway) loaded several jpg's from a usb flash drive and I can find them all in the Library, but nowhere else apparently. Gallery is empty as is every other location I've looked. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as the Gallery function seems somewhat important (or am I wrong about that?).

Thanks in advance.
When you say loaded the jpg files did you copy or move them to either your internal storage or external SD or did you just add to Library? If you added to library only I don't think the Gallery app can see them. Generally, the only files I add to my library are PDFs I will annotate in the future. It is not necessary to add pictures, music or videos to the Library. The reader can only open PDF and epub anyway. From your library select images, at top tap on the check-mark, check your images in the box that appears, select export at the bottom and select a folder for them. Now go to Gallery and see if your images are there. That is how copy and paste is accomplished on Android.