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No one I know or interact with had even heard of the eDGe, including me, until I "accidentally" came across it in a search for a tablet. Since I have had it, I have heard a lot of comments similar to "Why have I never heard of this?" and "If I knew there was such a thing out there, I would have bought THAT instead of my Kindle/Nook/insert other device here."

Just rambling here. I am sure there was a good reason for not advertising...
I agree. Living in Germany, I might not belong to the biggest target group, but I haven't seen ads in the popular academic papers and that's a target group.
For sure, the iPad is more popular (and the old one not much more expensive), and not much can be done about that. But it doesn't have Flash, so that should have been a focus. And the iPad has many developers, because... there's a free development kit around. Last but not least, the iPad doesn't have epaper, so I wouldn't want to read on it for too long.