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I am with those of you interested in helping. I don't have the same credentials as any of you do as far as being on educational boards or even involved with a school for that matter, so I really have no idea how I could help.

I am in a completely different market than education or even the gadget shopper's market. With that said, people who are in my "market" (don't ask me what that market would be, cause I have no idea...) were not targeted for advertising.

No one I know or interact with had even heard of the eDGe, including me, until I "accidentally" came across it in a search for a tablet. Since I have had it, I have heard a lot of comments similar to "Why have I never heard of this?" and "If I knew there was such a thing out there, I would have bought THAT instead of my Kindle/Nook/insert other device here."

Just rambling here. I am sure there was a good reason for not advertising...