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I'm new here. I just got an pocket edge as a present, but it's still being shipped. So I'm obviously following the discussions about entourage's future rather worriedly. Thanks for the effort of visiting the company!
I think (not only) to read academic papers the combination of epaper and an LCD for coloured figures is great. So far, there are no real alternatives on the market. The NI Adam might become one, but it's still (sort of) under development.

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If they had released an SDK with the release of the edge last year, how much edge-specific software would there be right now? Probably a lot. Would we be in a preliminary death-watch for the company now? I think probably not.
I completely agree. From what I see in this forum, the edge has a very active userbase. If there had been support to develop missing features or fix bugs, it might have a sprawling open source community.

As for lack of enthusiasm from education: The only reasons that I can imagine are the relatively high price and the rather short battery life. For sure it can do more than the average ereader, but IMHO many might rather settle with a cheap Nook where the battery can last for days.

So my suggestions for a better future (and I'm sure they've all been around here for a while):
- some kind of basic SDK (doesn't have to be perfect or all that user-friendly at the beginning, but somebody IS developing for the edge, right?!)
- advertise it in graduate schools! especially IT graduate programs (they want an SDK!), but also biologists (like me) need to see their figures in colour
- as my PE hasn't arrived yet, I'm not sure where battery life is, but the figures I saw on the page need to get better (>1day w/ epaper only)

That's just my opinion as an outsider/newbie. I hope the company can be saved, but it's pretty late...

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