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I doubt we could come up with a genius idea they haven't considered.
But, says the other resident optimist, maybe it's not in the idea department where they need the help. Maybe it's in the execution department. Maybe it's in the warm, semi-technically-literate body department.

I agree with boris' assessment that phrases like "keep afloat" generally aren't highly correlated with "new snazzy products to come from R & D." But we do have some loyal users here (some of us with too much time on our hands) and with guidance and direction from the company, maybe we could contribute something.

This just feels like watching a tv show where one person is totally afraid to tell the other the truth for fear of anger disapproval, or disappointment when the omnipotent viewer can see that it's something they can all easily get through.

(I know that overly simplifies the situation what with money, jobs, the future of a company on the line. I just mean to convey how the situation *feels* right now.)