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In the face of iPad? Clearly not enough students and professionals are being attracted to the eDGe.

Perhaps a $10 million advertising campaign on the national networks might help. Certainly their feature on the Home Shopping Network last Oct 31 generated 14,000 sales in just a few days, which I recall rather surprised and overwhelmed their tech support.

Perhaps a price drop to $200, but that's probably at a loss, and only good if matched with an advertising blitz.

In any case, I'm confident they have and are exploring all options - these are bright people after all. I doubt we could come up with a genius idea they haven't considered.
Really? Boris, your lack of confidence is showing. Actually, that isn't what I meant. I was thinking that many of us are academics. How many of us sit on influential boards, committees, etc. at the institutions where we work and play? We may not be The Deciders, but I'll bet many of us are The Influencers.

Obviously, they can't compete wih the ipad not only because of the marketing arm of Apple, but also because the devices aren't comparable. That's why they shouldn't try. Instead, they should redouble their efforts with educators, companies like Blackboard, etc.