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A Visit to enTourage Systems

My husband drove down to enTourage Systems in McLean this afternoon, and since he's not registered on the Forum, he's posting on my account. Here he is --

The first time I visited enTourage was back in February 2010. I wrote about that over on MobileReads. I stopped in again this past January, and the same gentleman I spoke with then was kind enough to take time to talk with me again today. Here's the gist of the conversation:

-- the company has gone through two reductions in staff since the first of the year
-- they are still going through the reorganization process
-- as of today, there is a future for the company

We also discussed some of the problems that brought the company to this position. The primary one being the lack of enthusiasm from the education community to any form of ereader or tablet.

enTourage's situation is fluid. They are pursuing strategies to stay afloat. In other words, they are planning for a future and not just sitting around waiting for the lights to be cut off. Of course, being fluid, things could turn around at any moment and go down the drain. So the gentleman cautioned.

I want to add that everyone I've met in the McLean offices has been friendly and courteous. They could have tossed me out on the street today without saying a word, and I wouldn't have blamed them. They're just a classy bunch of people, and that, as well as today's visit, gives me reason to hope they'll find a way through this.