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I've posted a few threads with some alternative devices to consider.

Just watched a long (30min.) video review from Good Ereader on Youtube of the Eee Note: I'm seriously considering this as a notebook/journal app kind of replacement. (In other words, to replace what the e-ink screen does, not what the tablet side does.)

For those who want something more functional (and more expensive) but full-blown tablet PC like at supposed sub $1K prices, I'm keeping my eye on the Motion Computing CL900.

And for those of you who are gluttons for punishment, and had your hopes raised and crushed by the Microsoft Courrier, check out NoteSlate (

These are my 3 "keep an eye on" devices right now. Note: I'm only interested in machines with journal/annotation capabilities, so these are all skewed to replicating the stylus/writer experience, not necessarily the best plain e-readers.