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But it's still a pain to write/type on!

Highlighting is all well and good, but (a) it's a crappy study technique and (b) useless in math-type stuff, for example, where you really want to be able to sketch.

I'm gonna pull out a generic "studies show" here, but seriously, studies show that handwriting notes is better for learning/committing to memory than even typing them. And highlighters should be banned. :P

I'm all for new creative ways for learning, and collaboration is a big part of that, but there's the risk of the illusion of "better learning" while in fact making students more passive. Maybe the handwriting results are only because that's what we've grown accustomed to, and maybe we'll evolve to even think differently, and therefore something will eventually turn out to be better than handwriting. I'm all for figuring out what that is. But I'm convinced that anything that encourages highlighting (because handwriting is awkward on ipad, and because virtual keyboard isn't much better, so seriously, highlighting is what *I* would do rather than struggle with those interfaces) isn't it.

For the record, I do like the interactive quizzes thing, and I like systems that allow you to watch what the teacher is doing live, or extra notes the teacher has included in something. But I'm not ready to give up a pen just yet.
My students who bring a laptop to class and just type their notes (or worse, just look at the powerpoint slides and "follow along") while we lecture do significantly worse than their counterparts that take handwritten notes.