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Weird Situation with SmartMedia Card

Hi there!

Have any of you experienced this? I just received a 128m card that I bought off ebay. My 64m card (that came with my reader) was fairly full, but still had 22m free. So my content took up 42m on the card.

I put the exact same content onto the 128m card, but on this card the content takes up 57.5m of space! How is that possible? How can the same content take up 42m on one card, and 57.5m on another?

My first thought was that I got a cheap counterfeit card. But the card wasn't cheap, and the seller seems quite legit. (I buy a lot on ebay, so research my sellers carefully.) The 2 cards look identical except for the numbers - 64 / 128. but clearly all cards are not created equal.

Is this common? Any insight would be appreciated.
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