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No, no, Dr. T.

The trapezoidal small end goes into the EE socket. The "normal" rectangular bigger end goes into the PC USB slot.
But there is no recognition at the EE. No USB icon at the top bar.
Of course, both pc and edge are turned on...
My husband will bring a Motorola 5-pin miniUSB cable he has at his place, and we will try this which he uses with a minihub.

The missing cable has now been found at the place where my son was staying in America, and now I will wait until they send it, just in case there is something "original" in the EE cable which this does not have (maybe a filter inside?)

Some people have reported here that not all cables offer the same performance, and that certain types do not support transfer of files.
My main fear is that the mini USB socket is physically damaged, cross my fingers.

Also: I have windows 7 64 bits both in the laptop and in the pc.
Could this be the problem, meaning recognition issues?

Thanks for your concern and if you come up with any information, please report.
I will update later when I can try other cables.