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What about the USB cable?

My son lost the USB cable, so I bought a regular miniUSB 5pin-to-USB cable.

I connected the cable to the socket in the Edge and then the other USB plug to my PC.
Nothing happened. Should something have happened?

I thought I could transfer files from the PC to the Edge, mainly books converted to EPUB with Calibre in my PC. I use the Edge for research and I need to transfer lots of documents and articles to it.

I see many of you do this with a miniSD card. I have a small one, maybe 4Gb, which I will try tomorrow, and I plan to get a 16Gb class 10 as soon as I can. For the time being, I am using Dropbox to download from my own stored library, but the process is slow, and you have to download individually as I keep my articles neatly placed in folders by "Author".


1) Is there a way to use the USB cable to transfer e-books and applications from the PC?
2) If so, why doesn't my cable work?
3) If not, what is the purpose of the cable (just recharging?)?
4) Which is the best, fastest and more efficient way to transfer folders with epub books to the Edge Library?

Any suggestions and directions will be welcome.
I have progressed quite much in my first day with Edge, but I feel a bit frustrated with the preliminaries. Guess I have to be patient and be ready for several trials and errors.

Thanks to you all.