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Still needs resolution for AD-HOC users NOT new mobile phone users

It appears that entourage is abandoning it's customers for carrier pressure to not provide a way for us to tether our phones like we do on every other digital device. The infrastructure is there proof of concept is there in a youtube video a complex method can be used to help the crippled device establish connection to an ad-hoc network. I have found no proof of bluetooth tetheris permitted by entourage/USB- andoid network drivers for my phone (CDMA Hero) is not available, and have yet to find someone who has created a solution.

Wireless tether on a NON infrastructure phone (most of models over a year old) requires root access, adb shell to the phone, once youve setup the ad-hoc ssid (open network) it won't see it, but it must be in there.
these instructions are courtesy of rhce_v3:
wconfig mlan0 mode ad-hoc
iwconfig mlan0 essid <your essid>