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Pocket eDGe - boosting battery life

This weekend I discovered a way to add a lot of battery life over the course of the day is to disable the wifi before closing up the PE (which puts it into "Sleep" mode). The easiest way to do that is with a desktop widget - I use the Power Control widget to do this.

Since I got my PE I've noticed that even in "Sleep" mode, it drains the battery much faster than the EE did after the EE got the sleep mode last summer. It turns out that the PE (possibly the EE now, too) keeps the wifi enabled in sleep mode (I've noticed emails still come in, for example). Oddly enough, when you awake the PE, you'll notice the wifi symbol still in the Notification area, it then disappears, and a few seconds later reappears (after the connection is reestablished).

Turns out that turning on the wifi each time you open the PE takes no more time than waiting for the PE to do it by itself, and it can really extend the battery life (from 6-8 hours to 8-12 hours if left mostly in sleep mode).