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Welcome to the forums, absaroka

People in the past have sometimes had problems with file names that contain spaces and or different characters other than plain letters, numbers and a handful of punctuation (i.e. a-z, 0-9, -, _). One thing you can try is to rename the file using the Storage app or the ES File Explorer app to a plain file name with no spaces, e.g. "my_book01.pdf". Then try opening it in the Reader and/or adding it to the Library.

If it still fails, it could be the Reader software is being tripped up by the internals of the PDF, perhaps by the "weird" layout as you describe. I recently had problems with some EPUB files, for example. You can contact Tech Support ( and offer to forward a sample file to them for analysis, as I did with the two EPUB files I had problems with.

While the PDF format is governed by an official specification, everyone writes their own software to interpret PDF files according to the spec, and PDF generating software likewise generate PDF files based on their particular interpretation and implementation of the spec. And then there are older and newer versions of the spec on top of that. The result is that not all PDFs will work with all PDF software.

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