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I believe this has to do with the version of Adobe that created the original PDF. I forget now, but had the same issue with a file I created with Adobe Pro 8. Had to resave the file in a different version for compatibility and it then read fine on the eDGe.
I did some experiments with this some time ago and found the most consistent pdf version to be read on the ereader was pdf version 1.4 (which is Acrobat 5), although I had one that was pdf 1.6 (Acrobat 7) which worked. It had been created in ghostscript. (It's possible that things have changed with the adobe reader in updates since I experimented.) You can check the version in Acrobat Pro under File>Properties. To change the version (Acrobat Pro 8), from the menu -- Advanced > PDF Optimizer, and set the compatibility drop down to a version older than you have. I know you are talking about a software for the lcd, so it may take some experimenting, but you should be able to find one that works for both. My suggestion is to go older, rather than newer, as gunner suggested. You might also try, with a file open, under Comments > Enable for comments in adobe reader. I haven't played around with this one much so am not sure what it is doing. I think it might create a pdf/a file???