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Boris- In response to your hypothesis, is the internal storage of the PE or EE something that can be disconnected, yet have all of the boot files, etc. still in place?
This guessing on my part is based on a similar Linux-based device from Always Innovating, which is used an open source "motherboard" (Beagleboard I think was the name if you want to Google it). The "Internal SD" card was an actual SD card inserted into an SD card socket soldered onto the motherboard itself. The CPU was actually a System-on-a-Chip (SOC) that had everything included, including system RAM (about 512 Mb) and flash ROM.

I've never seen the internals of an eDGe, nor has anyone anywhere posted pictures or descriptions. However, based on the eDGe's file system showing "intsdcard", "extsdcard" and "sdcard", etc., and the different "storages", and the fact that the Marvel chip in the eDGe is also a SOC, I'm guessing the eDGe is probably similar.

So, going back to that internal SD card, if you picture a little clip with an actual SD card inserted into it, you can see how it possibly could be partially inserted, or ever so slightly dislodged. Picture the SIM card clip underneath the battery in the typical cellphone.

mldisibio's report of 222/322 mb and 15.1/15.2 mb available really looks like just the SOC RAM is available. The system boots from the OS files loaded into the same RAM. The total RAM on the SOC on the eDGe is 512Mb if I remember right.

In any case, there's nothing mldisibio can do without opening (and voiding the warranty on) the eDGe.