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Glad to hear the calibration helped. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't, but it's always the first recommendation.

For classes, if I haven't said this before, consider getting the larger eDGe as that model was specifically designed for the classroom setting. I plan to use my Pocket eDGe for more casual use on the go, for quick reminder notes for example, rather than "desk" use.
If I get a full-sized edge, it'll go to my son right now. I imagine it would be easier for class notes for me, but he would need it more. I already went through my school doing it the old fashioned way, so am well-versed there. He's borderline ADHD and could stand to have less papers to shift around. After that, I imagine we will see which ones work better for my daughters and more than likely they will get their turn. Then my husband is going to get the next toy. So, I have a long line in front of me before I get another piece of electronics. lol.

I do think I'll eventually want a full-sized edge. It seems to do everything I already do (except OneNote... which I absolutely adore and wish EnTourage would work that one in).

I am studying to be an accountant, so I'll probably need something that handles accounting software in addition to my eDGe, but so far, it's really great.

I am also kinda attatched to the portability. It fits right in my purse.