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Thanks for the feedback, all.

Regarding the USB port issue, I would suggest getting one of those little 4-port USB-powered USB hubs, usually less than $10. Admittedly, I have not tried one on the full-size or the Pocket eDGe, but there's no reason it shouldnt work (I know the full-size eDGe USB ports are powered because I charge my phone with them sometimes), and would allow 4 connections at once. That would solve the issue with the keyboard.
Thanks for the suggestion. I'm going for it first chance I get. I'll let you all know how it works for me.

The problem with the journal for me, is that even with the pen on "fine", I could never write words that fit in a line on the ruled paper. Perhaps a liability of my profession. My handwriting is pathetic. Given the smaller screen (about 1/2) on the Pocket eDGe, I can fit many fewer words per line or per page. For me, its more useful for large letters as if one were writing a post-it note of 3 lines to put on the refrigerator door, rather than a page full of notes taken in physics class.

Hope this perspective helps.
You must be a doctor!

I find my penmanship is more legible with a medium point and there is a curve to learning how to write legibly on it. But I've always been able to fine tune into smaller spaces. Perhaps the difference between the PE and the EE journals is like college-ruled vs. wide-ruled paper? Or is it more like notebook vs. elementary writing practice sheets?