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ETA: I do find a drawback of only 1 USB port. Need is a strong word for it, but considering I plan on getting a keyboard to use with it, that will take up my single port and it would be nice to have a spare port. That's a slight difference from alefor's review.
Thanks for the feedback, all.

Regarding the USB port issue, I would suggest getting one of those little 4-port USB-powered USB hubs, usually less than $10. Admittedly, I have not tried one on the full-size or the Pocket eDGe, but there's no reason it shouldnt work (I know the full-size eDGe USB ports are powered because I charge my phone with them sometimes), and would allow 4 connections at once. That would solve the issue with the keyboard.

The problem with the journal for me, is that even with the pen on "fine", I could never write words that fit in a line on the ruled paper. Perhaps a liability of my profession. My handwriting is pathetic. Given the smaller screen (about 1/2) on the Pocket eDGe, I can fit many fewer words per line or per page. For me, its more useful for large letters as if one were writing a post-it note of 3 lines to put on the refrigerator door, rather than a page full of notes taken in physics class.

Hope this perspective helps.