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If the Home and Menu buttons do nothing, you may need to reset (reboot) your eDGe (see
k. rebooted. recalibrated.

It seemed to help some. My half-inch variance is now more like what you said, 1/8". It evens out when I reach about the point of the vertical line on the journal/notepad underneath where it says "Untitled". I could not get a full time slot written in there before, but I can now. It's adequate for me, though, since I don't like clutter on my pages. It allows me to limit myself and it's more visually appealing.

But for copious note taking, I can see where it could get cumbersome to have more pages per notes than more notes per page. I'll see next semester when I actually take classes. The thing is, most of my school is done virtually (accounting), so I often get online slideshows and what not, so it may not be accurate assessment from me either way.