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Thanks, alefor. I was really wondering about the experience of writing in the journal side, and whether it would feel a little cramped. Not that I don't value the experiences of the new PE users, but I've really been waiting for the perspective of those with the original device. It just helps to have someone focusing on the differences between the two devices. I look forward to hearing more as you use it more!
Just my bitty limited experience of the PE, alefor covered all the points well. I can't compare, but I certainly believe what I hear about the differences from my PE experience. The journal is cramped and it is hard to write a proper schedule or list for the calendar. In fact, there is about a half inch of missing real estate from the journal side where the stylus registers slightly toward the middle. IOW, if I line it right at the edge of the screen, then the line is formed about a half inch in. This isn't much of a problem if you are spacing characters far enough apart, because eventually, as you move toward the middle, the e-ink does line up properly with the stylus. But it does take some of that already limited space away.

As a note, though, I downloaded McGuffey Readers from Gutenberg so my daughters have extra reading material. My youngest has convergence issues and wears glasses. She did well and it was good for her to not have as many words cluttering the screen. In fact, I think this is probably one of the greatest tools I've ever seen for teaching kids to read. The smaller size is easier for smaller hands to hold. What would be awesome is some kind of interface/app or whatever that takes a book and connects the page turning with illustrations (pictoral and even video) on the tablet side, so that when you teach "See Jane run." you can click on a button and a picture or video of Jane running will pop up on the right. (Ok... so I'm a bit of an idealist.) But my PE is tempting me to actually buy one for each of my girls too. My son would need a regular EE, since he is in high school and would need the larger journal for writing more.

EnTourage was brilliant to come up with the eDGe. It seems so versatile!

ETA: I do find a drawback of only 1 USB port. Need is a strong word for it, but considering I plan on getting a keyboard to use with it, that will take up my single port and it would be nice to have a spare port. That's a slight difference from alefor's review.

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