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Pocket and Full-sized: eDGe to eDGe Comparison

I would be interested to know if anyone else in this Forum has both devices. I have two full-size eDGe devices and just received my Pocket eDGe today. Some initial thoughts, comparing the 2 devices.

--The Pocket eDGe AC adapter, rated at 1 amp, is (finally) reasonably sized compared to the 2.5amp brick with the full-sized eDGe. The power plugs are the same for both devices. I have used a 1amp charger with my full-size devices with no ill-toward effects.
--The power switch is a sliding switch, much better!! I still turn on the full-size eDGe inadvertently sometimes in my briefcase. This will not happen with the Pocket eDGe.
--For me, a single USB port is more than adequate on the Pocket eDGe.
--Not surprisingly the software is the same (well, Pocket eDGe is Ver 1.9). A few slight things I noticed such as during initialization, having set the reader side on the right, the reader screen flips a few times. It ends up OK.
--I really like the .pdf file icons being the same as on a PC/Mac, that is, a thumbnail of the first page, which is the book cover.
--The Entourage password policy change (requiring 8 characters) since I registered my first eDGe made registration a hassle. Yes, the new policy is mentioned in the Support pages, but going there when I've just gotten new hardware is not high on my list of priorities.
--The size of the device (Pocket eDGe) is superb, but I dont have any pockets big enough. The name is somewhat of a misnomer. The weight of the Pocket eDGe is great and much easier to hold than the full-sized device
--All that being said, reading pdf's on the full-sized eDGe is still easier with the bigger screen. Both devices have their place.
--Writing a journal page on the reader side with the Pocket eDGe just isnt as easy as the full-sized. Alot less screen real-estate means much less information per written page.

These are my initial thoughts. I'd like to hear from others who can compare the 2 devices based on first-hand experience.

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