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Help creating a preset for my video encoder


I run Linux and have a video encoder program that I LOVE. It works well and seems faster than normal. I have used two presets: Android phones and iPod. Both worked. But I went to the webpage for this program and it allows you to create a preset on its webpage:

But now I am hoping someone has opinions on what they would want to make a perfect eDGe preset.

Here is some options... but going to the webpage and clicking on CREATE preset would look better for sure.

Video codec:
Video quality:
Visual quality where bitrate is automatically determined
Video bitrate:
The video bitrate in kbps
Range of allowed widths, like 'min, max'
Range of allowed heights, like 'min, max'
Range of allowed framerates, like 'min, max'
Audio codec:
Audio bitrate:
The audio bitrate in kbps
Audio channels: