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Lightbulb enTourage eDGe and Pocket eDGe Welcome Basket - Part 2

(Continued from enTourage eDGe and Pocket eDGe Welcome Basket - Part 1)

Guides, Tutorials, and Getting Help

Allow me to introduce you to the enTourage Support page: Here you can submit Help Requests, view the User Guides, and introductory tutorial videos. (The Guides and Videos are also on your eDGe: drag the “X icon upwards on the bottom of the LCD side, then tap the “Help icon.)

One of the best resources for help are these forums. Please do not be shy about posting. Good English is not mandatory! Given that Tech Support works normal office hours, the forums will be your best help evenings and on weekends. My only suggestion is that you do at least one Search (using the Search box at the top right corner of every Forum page) before posting your question in the approriate forum.

If you have an urgent problem, and especially if there’s a hardware problem, please contact Tech Support directly and quickly. You will find them very friendly, responsive, and interested in actually helping you (see and!-!!) .

Great Accessories
(Updated 11:10 AM ET Dec 1, 2010)

A few choice accessories can make a world of a difference in your enjoyment of the eDGe. Here are some popular ones (or ones I particularly like ).

Note that the enTourage Store has a number of accessories, but if you search the Accessories forum you’ll find alternatives from other sources.

- slip and other cases (e.g., large eDGe:, Pocket eDGe:
- skins (check out,,
- screen cleaning pads (great for eInk, lcd, phones:
- larger pen, which is kind of expensive, but greatly improves comfort and legibility (see
- external USB keyboard – if you’re doing more than a little typing (see
- reading light - (very versatile - powered by USB or a coin battery, clip it on or set it on a table, very bright illumination, doubles as a great emergency/nighttime light).
- USB memory key and SD Cards – for quick transfer of files, extra storage, back up, etc. (for the larger model see:
- BT headsets for private listening (see
- BT AV receiver– for piping your MP3s to your stereo (see

Note that the audio quality from the eDGe via the audio jack and bluetooth is very good.

Great Stuff Already in your eDGe
(Updated 5:20 PM ET Nov 5, 2010)

- the built-in Music player is quite functional and recognizes music files anywhere on your eDGe (internal storage, USB, SD card) without you needing to do anything, and includes playlist support.
- in Applications you’ll find a YouTube app for playing YouTube videos. You can also visit in default browser
- Calendar – allows you to write notes on the eInk side for calendar dates on the LCD side
- Docs To Go – view/edit Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint and view PDFs. You can also sync Documents, Pictures, Music, and files in general with your PC/Mac over the mini-usb cable
- change eInk or LCD wallpaper – see (for LCD wallpaper, select “Tablet Wallpaper)
- the default browser has numerous settings for font size, page layout, and mobile vs desktop mode – press the Menu – Settings – More to adjust these to your preference
- don’t forget that any browser page you’re reading can be sent as a PDF/EPUB to the eInk side by pressing the Book icon at the top right corner of the default browser – very handy for grabbing articles to read later.

(Continued in enTourage eDGe and Pocket eDGe Welcome Basket - Part 3 - Getting Apps and eBooks)

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