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Lightbulb enTourage eDGe and Pocket eDGe Welcome Basket - Part 1


On behalf of my fellow forum members, welcome to the enTourage eDGe forums!

With the launch of the Pocket eDGe, we’re expecting a big influx of new eDGe owners, and I thought I’d put together this grab bag of the best of the forums to give you a jump start in getting the most out of your new eDGe

You'll find these forums a kind and welcoming place, something we all strive to maintain, and hope you will too.

People are welcome to add to my tips in this thread, but as per forum guidelines please post any questions individually in the “enTourage eDGe Help, “Accessories and “Android Apps forums as appropriate (don’t be shy!). I may update this original post from time to time, to keep it current.

The Basics
Updated Dec 18, 2010 5:4 PM ET

My favourite part of the eDGe is its book form factor. To me, this is handier than a slate as you can hold it more comfortably and naturally in your hand. You can fold it closed to set it aside, or protect it in transit. You can fold it back to use just the eInk or LCD side. You can prop it up tent-like to browse the web or watch a video. You can partially fold it back to have it stand vertically by itself on a table (or to prop it up on your stomach when reading in bed!). And you can rotate the LCD display to view it more like a laptop display (note that the eInk side cannot be rotated 90 degrees – yet).

While the full-sized eDGe is heavier than most eReaders, if you experiment with folding it or resting it on the table edge, your leg, etc., you should be able to find a position that negates the weight almost entirely.

The Android operating system the eDGe uses is likely new to you. If you’re lost or looking for how to perform an action, the two most important functions to remember and try in every application (on the LCD side) is the Menu button (on the bezel) and tap-and-holding on things on the LCD side. Both bring up context menus that often reveal hidden functions. Use the Back button on the bezel to back out of menus and applications, and if you're in a panic, press the Home button to get back to the home screen

As for the on-screen keyboard, it usually appears when you tap into a text field, but holding the Menu button will also make it appear. Note that for the up/down/left/right arrow keys, use the trackball/optical mouse on the bezel.

enTourage has posted video workshops on various aspects of the eDGe here that you can view.

Lastly, the eDGe gets great battery life if you simply close up the eDGe when you want to set it aside. When you reopen it, simply press the Menu button to wake it up. If you want to read on the eInk side, or simply conserve battery life without suspending the eDGe or turning it off, you can turn off just the LCD display.

I personally recommend you power down the eDGe (by holding down the Rotate button on the bezel) when you put your eDGe into a case for travelling or storage since the eDGe does generate some heat, and so that you don’t lose battery time.

Here are some forum posts by people and how they’re using their eDGe:

(Continued in enTourage eDGe and Pocket eDGe Welcome Basket - Part 2 - Getting Help & Tutorials, Great Accessories, Great Apps, Getting Books)

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