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Edge keeps shutting down

I've just sent an e-mail to tech support, but realized it's Saturday . so i'll just copy my e-mail hoping someone here might have an idea what's wrong with my precious one .

My Edge (Dingo) keeps shutting down during use and when in sleep mode (although it seems to me it only shuts down when the LCD side is turned off). I tried backing up the library, but it turned off in the middle of the process (will try it again). When it shuts down, I have to remove the power cord or the battery, and to install it again in order to turn the device on. Sometimes, the e-ink side won’t open at all, it keeps showing ’’initializing’’. Prior to this, I experienced problems with the e-ink side several times (e.g. it shuts down, while the Edge is on, and won’t open any book)

When I turned it on this morning, the Edge wasn’t showing any of my books in Library (now it is), and it seems like all of my settings are gone (e.g. the applications are there, but I have to set them up again, my browser is set to default, my screen settings, widgets etc).

Anyone experienced similar problems?