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I think is only a small number of graduates who receive scholarships not a large one, any way this helps. Why your text books are not available on libraries? what about poor students that can not afford them? why their access to education is restricted. I can order here in Europe any book from my local library. If they do not have it they will bring it in 3-4 days and cost me max 1.50.
Pretty much everyone who pursues a PhD in math or the physical sciences in the US receives full tuition plus extra financial support, either through a teaching or research assistantship (which requires work) or a fellowship (which doesn't but is significantly harder to get), because the work they do is economically valuable.

English and history PhD's are another matter because there aren't as many buyers out there.

As for textbooks in libraries, that would be a serious issue if you have thousands of students taking calculus simultaneously (not unusual for a large US university). You can't possibly stock enough copies, and you definitely don't want people to depend on the book being there when it's not. Poor students can get government grants to buy textbooks.

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