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I can not get this text book issue. it must be an American thing again. In Europe you get them free of charge from your college / university library. You already paid for your education once, access to information must be free. And our professors share their own produced textbooks freely to their students. It is a rip off for one of the most vulnerable category of society..
Not sure how that works, but the US system of making students buy textbooks ensures that used textbooks get re-used, rather than the university buying a new book every semester and handing it off to the students who throw them in the trash at the end of the term. Or if the U forces you to give the textbooks back at the end of the course, you won't have the option of holding on to it.

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Europe has a whole different take on this education thing. You also pay a WHOLE lot less for your education than we pay over here. I studied in Belgium and paid a total of $200 US for the entire year.
That has an incredibly pungent whiff of "too good to be true". There is no way that $200 is going to cover college textbooks and full-time instruction for a year in current dollars. You're either talking about a part-time study, something that's heavily subsidized by the govt (aka taxpayers), or a garbage school whose instructors work for peanuts.