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Access to educational information should not be limited by income. They are people that self educate themselves. This is why the concept of PUBLIC library exists. You should look at the ideas of the American founding fathers. The idea of education for profit and university as a money making machine is not there. You learn not to earn more but to enlight yourself. The fact that you may earn more living in a meritocratic society must be incidental and not a goal. I may sound to idealist. But the state of American education is not something desirable for a nation. Run this recession scenario. Students are borrowing money hoping that if they have a higher degree they get a better job only to end up with impoverishing debts and no job prospects as employers are looking for experienced people. This is really wrong. And of course the textbooks should not expire. They should have the same life shelf like printed book. Or if volatile versions are offered, than their price should be significantly lower.
Well said.