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Case Logic 11.6" molded case review

Except for the fact that my colour choices were bright baby blue/teal or hot pink, I'm very happy with this case to hold the edge in my larger carryon bag whle traveling.

We use smaller, similar cases for our external hard drives and I like that it's more than just a sleeve. Padding is great.

What I wanted was just some padding/extra protection (more than say a neoprene sleeve) while the edge is in the laptop "slot" of my carryon bag. (So, there's a sectioned off part one one side of the case to slide a laptop into, but it's not really any protection, and is just open at the top.) I didn't get this as a self-contained bag, but something that would slide in my laptop slot.

This Case Logic case fits well, but not tightly, around the edge. It doesn't hold the charger, but it could hold an extra battery. It would hold the mini slim keyboard were it not for the raised section. The raised bar does make it too thick for the case, though. I could maybe play around with positioning and get it to fit, but the slot in my laptop bag is big enough that the keybaord will fit outside the case but in the slot just fine. There's tons of room for my extra stylus and you could fit smaller things like a USB flash drive no problem. Even though the case doesn't sit closed flat when it's not zipped up, it's not putting stress on the case to close it around the edge. I think it's just all the padding that keeps it in an open position when lying flat but unzipped.

I didn't need a case for carrying gear - just something I could easily pull out of my bag in case I had to gate check it. So I really wanted just something to hold the edge. With the zippers and the open top of my laptop slot, I don't even have to remove this case from my bag to take out the laptop for airport security screening.

I have 2 photos here and (Don't mind the mislabelling calling the one picture food!)

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